Saturday, 26 October 2013


  Durian is a seasonal fruit. Therefore, adakalanay durian is very difficult to find so the price is a relatively expensive. All types of durian can be used for lunkhead. Instead, choose a thick durian flesh.
The characteristics of a good durian fruit to be processed into lunkhead is as follows.
a. The fruit is ripe
b. Jiak tapped, sounds tinny
c. End-desist sweet fruit
d. Strong fruit aroma

How to Make Durian Dodoo
Durian flesh 1 kg
750 gr sugar

How to Make:
1. Halve the fruit durian flesh and take
2. Mash the fruit to a pulp
3. Combine puree with sugar. Cook, stirring frequently until smooth and thickened for ± 30 minutes
4. chill
5. Lunkhead into small pieces and packed in plastic

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