Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dodoo Star Fruit

Starfruit plants easily found in every driveway. Therefore, carambola fruit is not foreign in the eyes of the people of Indonesia. All types of star fruit can be used to produce a delicious lunkhead.
The characteristics of a good star fruit to be processed into lunkhead is as follows:
a. Dark yellow rind color
b. Sweet fruit flavors and not Sepat
c. Fruits contain a lot of water
d. The texture is rather soft fruit

How to make Starfruit Dodoo:
Starfruit                  1 kg
500 gr sugar
Citric acid              2 g
Pectin                    7 gr
Natriium benzoats 0.5 gr

How to make:
1. Wash star fruit with clean water, then cut into small pieces
2. Mash up a fruit pulp
3. Mix sugar, pectin, citric acid, and sodium benzoate into mush
4. Maasak mixture over low heat until smooth and thick
5. chill
6. Lunkhead into small pieces and packed in plastic or wax paper.

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